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Never Underestimate Something Based on Few Data


Never Underestimate Something Based on Few Data: Humans

By: Nur Fajri Romadhon, Lc.


Angels asked God when He told them that He is going to create the first human,

“Will You place in the Earth who will spread corruption there and shed blood, while we glorify Your praises and proclaim Your holiness?” God responded, “I know what you do not know.” [Quran 2: 30]

Here we see angels didn’t respect humans because they only knew that humans will make messes in the world like creatures prior to them. They thought that they are enough to worship Allah and make Him please.


Before humans, Ibnu Abbas narrated that Jinns had lived on Earth and became its main rulers. Yet, those Jinns killed each others and destroyed everything. Based on this precedent, angels thought there is no need to make new creatures who likely will do similar crimes. But Allah knows what angels haven’t known.

It is an undeniable fact that some of humans will show crimes as angels have expected. But as Al-Baghawi said, there are still many exceptional things inside them which angels don’t have. Allah exactly knows much better about humans than angels. Hence, angels shouldn’t underestimate humans due to very little knowledge about them.

For instance, there will be prophets from humans, and no prophet from angels. Angels also don’t have any immoral desire. They worship Allah all time automatically without even thinking to give up. On the other hand, human beings have both noble and evil tendencies. They have a freedom to choose any of them as well. Then when they decide to perform noble deeds, to not spread corruption nor to shed blood, it means that they have defeated their greed and laziness and have made great efforts in order to do so.

Some lessons:

– Never look down on people just because we know few bad things about them.

– Struggling to be pious at perilous situation is worthier than being pious at such Islamic circumstance.

– Prophets and pious humans are better than all angels as Ahlussunnah wal Jamaah believe.

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