How can I trust materials in the Learn Quran Tajwid?

Learn Quran Tajwid has been checked by many people including scholars/ulama of Quran. Among them are K.H. Dr. Ahsin Sakho, which is one of the most prominent Quran scholars in Indonesia. You can see all of our advisors which checked the contents in our app here.

Is Learn Quran Tajwid available for PC, web, Windows Phone, etc?

Currently, Learn Quran Tajwid is only available for Android and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Macbook M1).

Should I use tablet/iPad or phone/iPhone?

You can use Learn Quran Tajwid on any Android and iOS devices without losing any feature. However, we recommend to use tablet or iPad (devices whose screen is larger than 6 inches) for better experiences.

How to use Learn Quran Tajwid?

See the guide on the app on Menu    About    visit ""

I saw inappropriate ads, how to block it?

We partner with a third party ads provider, though we have block many sensitive ads categories to make sure no inappropriate ads showing, we found the ads provider still supplies ones. We hate this as well and we have complained to the ads provider. If you see one, please click the “X” button on the ads > “stop seeing this ad” > “Inappropriate content”. Let’s fight inappropriate ads together, especially from showing up in Learn Quran Tajwid!


What is the voucher?

A voucher is a code that you can redeem to get the Pro+ version on Android. There are two types of voucher:
  1. Public voucher: the same code can be redeemed by many people, but it has an expiry date.
  2. Personal voucher: it does not have an expiry date, but one code can be used only once by one user.
Unfortunately, voucher is only works for one time installation at present. Hence, please note that the pro+ version will disappear once you uninstall the app or you change your device

Can I redeem a voucher on iOS devices?

Unfortunately, Apple forbids this kind of feature so you can not use vouchers on Apple devices. We are as sad as you are

How to redeem a voucher?

  1. Click menu on the top left of your screen
  2. Click upgrade to Pro+
  3. Click voucher on the tab
  4. Click redeem voucher and insert your voucher code

I can not redeem a voucher!

Some vouchers have an expiry date so you can not redeem the voucher subsequently. If your voucher does not have an expiry date or you are still within the valid date, make sure to enter it correctly. It is case sensitive (capitalization must be correct). Some users simply confuse between 0 and O.

Pro+/Pro Version

I think we should not make money from apps such as Learn Quran Tajwid!

We hire professional developers (whose services are expensive) while our resources are limited. We are sorry for our limitations. Please make dua that one day Allah enables us to provide Islamic applications for free.

What is the difference between the Pro+, Pro, and the basic version?

The basic version can access all lessons. The Pro version removes all ads & enable offline usage. Besides, the Pro+ version has all the Pro version benefits plus new features, like Placement Test, Multiple Choice, and My Result. You also can support the developers’ work by purchasing the Pro+/Pro version.

How can I purchase the Pro+ version?

The only way to purchase is through the in-app payment provided by Google Play (for Pro+ version in Android) and App Store (for Pro+ version in iOS). For further information, see:

For Android:

For iOS:

For the Android version, as of April 16th, 2020, we upgraded the Pro version to the Pro+ version, so the Pro version is now unavailable to be purchased on Android. Users that purchased the Pro version on Android before can still use Learn Quran Tajwid with the benefit of the Pro version (removes all ads & offline usage).

What is Lifetime Version mean?

A ‘lifetime version’ means you can use Pro+ Version for as long as you want after you purchase, providing that team of LQTajwid, internet, Android/iOS App Store & Mobile OS, users, and the whole thing that is a dependency of this app is alive.

Mine was Pro+ but it comes back to the basic version!?

In Android, If you upgraded to the Pro+ version by redeeming a public or personal voucher, you will lose the Pro+ version once you uninstall the app, reset your Android, or change your device. This won’t happen if you upgrade by purchasing directly via Google Play because the Pro+ purchase is tied to your Google Play account

Right now, voucher has limitations as mentioned above. We’re about to make the personal voucher can be attached to a Google account. Later, when you uninstall the app, reset your Android, or change your device, you can still enjoy your Pro+ version by signing in via your Google account on Android app.

If I purchased Learn Quran Tajwid Pro+/Pro version in one platform, can I use it on other platform?

You can not use the app purchased on Android on iOS devices and vice versa.
Because of the purchase systems on both Android and iOS, our Pro+/Pro Version is only available for one type of operating system in which you purchased it. So that, if you bought Learn Quran Tajwid Pro+/Pro Version in Android, you can only use your purchased Pro+/Pro Version in Android, not on iOS devices (the same consequence also applies if you bought it in iOS).

I want to use Learn Quran Tajwid Pro+/Pro version on multiple devices!

If you have subscribed to the Pro+/Pro version in Android, you can use it on multiple devices by making your subscribed e-mail as the primary Google Play Store account on your devices.
Unfortunately, the iOS version doesn’t support this yet.

Technical Issue

I can not download the content!

Make sure you have a sufficient internet connection and available storage in your device.

Why the Arabic texts are cluttered on device?

This happens on a few devices. The Android platform still does not fully support some Arabic fonts, so we are still battling this issue. You can also use Learn Quran Tajwid on another device that has no font problem.

“I have feedback, another question or the problem still persists”

We are pleased to hear from you and help you, please contact us at