Acceptance of terms

Learn Quran (“us”, “we”, or “our”) operates Learn Quran Tajwid (the “App”). These terms of service (“Terms”) apply to your use of our App.

As long as you are using Learn Quran Tajwid, you agree with the terms here including the future versions in case we change it in the future. We recommend you to check this page regularly and we will send a notice to you via notification/app if we change any term here.

Privacy Policy

For information about how we collect and use information about users of our App, please check out our privacy policy available at



Learn Quran Tajwid has been checked by many people including Quran scholars/ulama. Among them are K.H. Dr. Ahsin Sakho, which is one of the most prominent Quran scholars in Indonesia. You can see all of our advisors who checked the contents in our App at


Pro+/Pro version

Basic vs Pro+/Pro version

The basic version can access most of the features. The Pro version removes all ads & enable offline usage. Besides, the Pro+ version has all the Pro version benefits plus additional benefits, like Placement Test, Multiple Choice, and My Result features. You also support the developers’ work by purchasing the Pro+/Pro version. For now, the Pro+ version only available on Android and not in the iOS App.

Per 16 April 2020 for the Android version and 30 October 2020 for the iOS version, we upgraded the Pro version to Pro+ version, so the Pro version is now unavailable to be purchased. Users that purchased the Pro version before can still use Learn Quran Tajwid with the benefit of Pro version (removes all ads & offline usage).

Multiple Devices

You can not use the App purchased on Android on iOS devices and vice versa.
Because of the purchase systems on both Android and iOS App, our Pro/Pro+ version is only available for one type of operating system in which you purchased. So that, if you bought the Learn Quran Tajwid Pro+/Pro version in Android, you can only use your purchased Pro+/Pro version in Android, not on iOS devices (the same consequence also applies if you bought it in iOS).


A voucher is a code that you can redeem to get the Pro+ version without paying. There are two types of voucher:

  • Public voucher: the same code can be redeemed by many people, but it has an expiry date.
  • Private voucher: it does not have an expiry date, but one code can be used only once.


You will lose the Pro+ version when you uninstall the App or reset your Android if you upgraded to the Pro+ version by redeeming a public voucher. This is not the case if you upgrade by purchasing or redeeming a private voucher.

However, a private voucher is tied to the device, not your Google account. If you upgrade by redeeming a private voucher and reinstall Learn Quran Tajwid, you have to use the same device and have an Internet connection when opening the App to allow the re-upgrade process. On the contrary, a purchase is tied to your Google account, not your device.


Lifetime Version

A ‘lifetime version’ means that after you purchase, you can use it for as long as the development team of Learn Quran Tajwid app is alive.



If you choose to upgrade to the Pro+/Pro version, you need to purchase in-app payment provided by Google Play (for Android) and App Store (for iOS).